George Egg - The Kitchen At The End Of The Universe (Part 1)

The Moon Under Water is ready to once again present itself live from within The Dagda Bar within the Edinburgh Fringe festival, and don't we have a cracking guest lined up for you. He's not only one of the funniest comedians around, he's also one of the greatest cooks in both the Other AND the Correct Realm. It's none other than the Snack Hacker himself and all-round good egg... George Egg!

George has been friends with Landlord John for years (in fact, he recorded the first EVER unreleased episode of The Moon Under Water), so it feels like a full-circle moment welcoming him into the most fabled pub of all. He has exquisite taste when it comes to cooking, so we can only imagine what his dream pub will look like. One things for certain; we can't wait to see what bar snacks are on offer.

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