Elly Oldroyd - The Hart and Soul (Part 2)

*This is part 2 of Elly Oldroyd's episode. Though you are free to listen in whichever order you so desire we really do recommend listening to part 1 first or things might be slightly confusing*

"As we head into tea time here at The Moon Under Water it's safe to say that John and Robin have formed a formidable partnership - John is currently on 78 not out (that's peanuts, not runs) and Robin the nightwatchman has steadied the ship by producing a lovely innings of 56, featuring a total of four boundaries and six yards of ale".

No doubt any cricket fans amongst you would have read the above in the voice of someone very special. We're joined by true broadcasting royalty in The Moon Under Water this week, as making their way into the Correct Realm is the one and only Elly Oldroyd!

Elly will be familiar to many of you as one of the voices of Test Match Special. She also soundtracks many of our weekends as one of the presenters of Weekend Breakfast on 5 Live. Although Landlord John could lay claim to having the best job around, Elly's can't be far off: she travels the world, watches cricket... and gets to enjoy some of the best pubs on offer. Her dream pub is about to come to life, so dive in.

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