Dotun Adebayo - The Nightwatchman (Part 1)

We’re lucky here at The Moon Under Water in that we don’t have a closing time: we’re open no matter what time of day it is, which means a pint is always available. However, the same can’t be said for all pubs. Most pubs call last orders at around midnight, and for the majority of the population that’s the perfect time to head back home for their night of slumber. But what if you work through the night and finish your shift at 6am? Where do you head for your post-work pint? Well this week’s guest knows that problem all too well. It’s radio presenter, broadcaster and writer Dotun Adebayo.

Dotun presents on BBC 5 Live weekday mornings between 1-5am, but that hasn’t stopped him becoming accustomed to pubs all around the world. He’s an expert on the late-night alehouse scene and all the characters that occupy it, and we’re sure that he’s going to create an incredible Pub of the Mind (I’m sure it’ll be open at reasonable times too). 

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