David "Bumble" Lloyd - The Stanley (The Pub That Wouldn't Die)

It’s hard to play cricket in the further realm. Not only is it impossible to see the ball through the mist, it’s also extremely difficult to organise a cricket match between the Landlord, Robin and a guest (especially when John always insists on batting). However, watching cricket at The Moon Under Water is definitely possible, and this week’s guest is EXACTLY the kind of person you’d want to join you to watch a test match. It’s cricket commentator David Lloyd; or as he’s otherwise known… Bumble!

Bumble is a serial Pintsman, and has been lucky enough to experience pubs in places as far and wide as Barbados and Burscough. And despite his nickname he certainly isn’t one to bumble his way through an anecdote, something that anyone who has listened to his cricket commentary will understand. We can’t wait to hear what his dream pub will sound like. 

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