Dan Snow - The Victory (Part 1)

Pubs and alcohol have played a huge part in history throughout the years. Julius Caesar regularly held meetings at his local pub ‘Draco Rubrum’, Marie Curie ran a microbrewery that specialised in DIPA’s before switching the her research in radioactivity and Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington ordered in 12 crates Stella ahead of the Battle of Waterloo. Now, we can’t confirm if any of those scenarios are true; but this week’s guest certainly can. It’s historian and broadcaster Dan Snow!

Dan is one of this countries most beloved experts on all things ‘past’, and is himself a serious Pintsman. He’s a lover of old-style pubs that feel like they could crumble down at any minute. Is that because he loves the past, or is it because of the beers they serve? We’re soon to find out as he heads towards The Moon Under Water to create his dream pub.

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