Clint Boon - Ye Olde Cow's Head

When you think of Manchester what springs to mind? Hilda Ogden? The Arndale Centre? Be-parka'd men singing whilst holding tambourines? Yes, all of those are quite likely; but if you ask us, there’s only one thing that comes to mind when we think of that hallowed city. It’s a man, a myth, a human vibe… and he just so happens to be walking towards The Moon Under Water. It’s DJ, musician and radio presenter Clint Boon!

Clint was a founding member of Inspiral Carpets, and has gone on to become one of Manchester’s most beloved adopted sons (he was actually born in Oldham). His DJ sets have become legendary, and he is followed by the self-proclaimed Boon Army wherever he goes. But one thing that you may not know is that he is a pub expert, and has probably experienced every kind of alehouse the world has to offer. We can already tell that when walking into his dream pub nobody will know how it feels to be lonely.

There are still tickets on sale for The Moon Under Water Live. There is ONE more date, on 26th September, when we'll be inviting a special guest to create their dream pub LIVE from a real pub (The George IV in Chiswick). Head over to for more info and to grab your tickets. The mystical realm awaits!

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