Andy Zaltzman - The Lawnmower Of Unquenchable Truth (Part 2)

*This is part 2 of Andy Zaltzman's episode. Though you are free to listen in whichever order you so desire we really do recommend listening to part 1 first or things might be slightly confusing*

The Moon Under Water has hosted a fair few guests over the years, and as a result there has been a monumental amount of choices made. Draught, bottles, spirits, wildcards... all stretching back since time itself began. But suppose you wanted to take a deep dive into the numbers behind the Pub of the Mind: does such a person exist who could interpret the statistics and come back with fun, digestible stats that provide you with a unique insight into what's happened so far? That person certainly DOES exist, and his name is Andy Zaltzman!As well as being a comedian and author Andy is the resident statistician for Test Match Special. He's able to pull mind blowing stats out of thin air, and his knowledge of all things cricket is really something to behold. Though he doesn't have access to the numbers behind The Moon Under Water, if we were to create our own Wisden Beer Almanac he'd be the man we want to help. He's also a thoroughly lovely guy, and we can't wait for him to arrive.

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