Andrew Cotter - The Dog and The Mountain

“The ever regular Robin Allender takes aim. If he is to sink this pint in one swift sip then surely he is to be crowned ‘Pintsman of the Century’ here at The Moon Under Water. The playing conditions could not be more perfect, with a mist of desire blanketing proceedings. He grasps the glass, lifts it up to his mouth… And yes, he finishes it in one go! The Crowds of Ascension go wild, and Robin is hoisted high into the air by time the arms of time itself”. Now, when you read that in your head, whose voice narrated it? Because we can be quite sure that many of you heard the voice of this week’s guest. It’s sport broadcaster, commentator and author Andrew Cotter.

Andrew has been commentating on sport for over 20 years, and has one of the most recognisable voices around. He’s lent his dulcet tones to coverage of the Olympics, Six Nations, Wimbledon and The Ryder Cup amongst other sporting events. He’s also the man who brought Olive and Mabel - two lovable labradors - to the public’s attention during lockdown, and has gone on to write two books about their adventures. Very soon his ‘Pub of the Mind’ will take shape in front of your very ears, so settle down and follow us into the further realm.

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