Abigail Newton - The Gongoozler (Part 1)

We’ve all been there: a beautiful pub reveals itself in the distance, resplendent in the gloaming hour. No alehouse has ever looked so inviting, so you decide to head in for the perfect pint of ale. But wait; what’s that they’re serving on draught?! 3 lagers and a fruity cider?! Where’s the real ale? Where’s the bitter?! For the love of God where’s the mild?! It’s a common problem, but thankfully this week’s guest is on a mission to keep our pubs serving a wider range of pints. It’s Abigail Newton - vice-chairman of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale).

Abigail is possibly the most passionate pint defenders in the world. Like us, she is always fixated on the small details that make pubs such special places and is committed to promoting the importance of taverns as community hubs. She’s also on a mission to make alehouses as inclusive as possible, and is often found singing the praises of one of the finest exports this country has to offer: the humble pint. 

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