199: Review Round-Up - Korn, Venom Prison, Rolo Tomassi, Turnstile

It's the first of what we can safely assume is going to be a large number of absolutely stacked review round-ups for 2022! Merl and Steve get stuck into new Korn album Requiem and discuss why sometimes less is more (and why, all these years later, no one does Korn like Korn); we also heap praise on what is surely the best metal album of 2022 so far in Venom Prison's masterful new opus, Erebos; we rate the new Rolo Tomassi record, Where Myth Becomes Memory (HINT: it's also really good); and Steve gives us a hot tip for a new band ticking all the right boxes.

Plus, we review Turnstile's epic show in London from earlier in the week and ask the big question: could they be the band to go further than anyone in the history of hardcore has managed?

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