197: The Legacy Of Every Time I Die

With everyone upset by the untimely and, let's be honest, pretty messy demise of Every Time I Die, we decided to push Part 2 of our 2022 Preview to next week and instead have Merl and Steve pay tribute to the career, influence and legacy of one of modern heavy music's very greatest bands.

From debut album Last Night In Town setting them up as one of the more promising hardcore bands on the early 00s scene; to their embracing of southern rock riffing on Gutter Phenomenon and the immense influence that'd have on hardcore thereafter; all the way to their epic final album, last year's Radical, we celebrate one of the most perfect back catalogues any band has ever produced.

We also discuss why they became one of the greatest live bands of their generation, how Steve would feel about the rest of the band continuing on without Keith, the album we'd give to a newcomer and much, much more.

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