431: The Minimalists | How Having Less Stuff Will Transform Your Health, Wealth, Relationships & More

Why are we so addicted to stuff? How come our hunger for possessions is causing us to be sick and unhappy, yet we still want more? And how might our lives be better with less? To help answer these soul-striking questions, I’m bringing out the big guns — yep, I’m chatting with none other than The Minimalists themselves — a.k.a Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.

Like the rest of the world, I fell in love with these two and their message of ‘less is more’ when I first saw their hugely popular self-titled Netflix documentary. But despite being devoured by audiences around the world — and even breaking box office records — it seems that many people are still struggling to actually EMBODY the minimalist mindset that they espouse. One only has to look at how rates of online shopping are skyrocketing, how more things than ever are ending up in landfill, how comments sections are flooded with people overwhelmed by their clutter, and how our collective mental health is suffering, to wonder: Where are we going wrong? How can we right this ship? And how can we move away from the material and get back to what’s meaningful? In this episode, you’ll hear their answers to these questions and more — and they may just change your mind and your life.

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