460: Healing Trauma, The Power Of Your Womb, How To Mother From Your Centre & More | Tami Lynn Kent

What can our pelvic bowl teach us about our health, our creativity, and ourselves? What does it mean to ‘mother from your centre’? And how can women reclaim the innate wisdom of their bodies?

To delve into these deep, insightful questions I’m joined by author, TEDx speaker and Women’s Health Physical Therapist, Tami Lynn Kent.

Tune in to hear why Tami’s book is one of my favourite books EVER, what it means to ‘mother from your centre’, why so many women are carrying tension and trauma inside their pelvic bowls, how this unresolved trauma can be secretly causing harm (to their wellbeing, mental health, relationships, fertility and more), sacred ways to create your own version of motherhood, powerful self-care strategies for mamas (even if you feel like you’ve got no time), amazing tips for holistic pelvic health, and how to release shame and guilt that’s being held in your body.

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