459: Introducing Your Baby To Solids, Purées Vs Baby Led Weaning, The Best Supplements For Infants, & More | Luka McCabe

Starting your baby on solids is one of the most confusing and daunting tasks for new parents — What foods should you start with? Which is better, purées or baby-led weaning? And for the love of organic pumpkin, how MUCH food should you give them?!

Joining us with all the answers is Luka McCabe — the creative force behind Boob to Food.

Tune in to hear her epic advice around introducing allergens, the BEST ‘first foods’ for maximum nourishment, how to tell if your bubba is ready for solids, the supplements she recommends for ALL babies (whether they’re plant based or omnivores), how to create beautiful routines and rituals around meal times (and why this is so important for kids), genius advice to know how much food your little one needs, and why it’s *never* too early to start building positive nutritional habits.

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