455: How To Eat, Move & Rest Better | Erin & Dusty Stanczyk

Eat, move and rest. We all do these 3 things every day… and let’s face it, we could all probably be doing them better! 

Enter Erin & Dusty Stanczyk. This powerhouse plant-based couple are on a mission to help as many people as possible unlock their potential by upgrading the three cornerstones of optimum health: nutrition, movement and sleep. 

Their strategies are so simple and doable — as well as mind-blowingly effective. And as you’ll hear for yourself, not only are these two super smart and knowledgeable… they’re also totally adorable; the true definition of #couplegoals. (Dare you not to finish this episode feeling wildly inspired!)

So pop in those earbuds to discover how to prep your body for a healthy plant-based pregnancy, why these two have such a strong relationship, the simplest way to transition to a more plant based lifestyle, why having a support system is your new secret superpower, how a plant-based lifestyle can set your kids up for a lifetime of thriving, their best-ever tips to experience deeper and more restorative rest, the books and websites they swear by for plant-based recipes and tips, the crucial thing you MUST do before introducing a new supplement or holistic therapy into your or your family’s routine, plus so much more.

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