453: How To Break Up With Friends, How To Be A Better Friend & How To Call In More Meaningful Friendships | Erin Falconer

What’s the best way to nurture our friendships to ensure they stay healthy and aligned? How can we make new friends as adults, and deepen the connections we already have? And for the love of raw chocolate brownies, WHAT should we do when a friendship turns unhealthy?!

To answer all these questions, I’m joined by the incredible Erin Falconer, associate psychotherapist and author of one of the best books I’ve ever read about friendship, ‘How To Break-Up With Your Friends’. 

Tune in to this hugely inspiring episode to hear the crucial qualities of a great friend (and how to be one yourself), why releasing friendships that no longer serve you does NOT have to be a negative experience, how to understand the different levels of friendship (and how to strengthen the most essential ones), the secret to making new friends as an adult, Erin’s wildly effective tips for manifesting new soulies in your life, how to know when it’s time to “break up” with a friend, the must-know parenting principles to set your kids up for a lifetime of strong, safe friendships, and why it’s okay (in fact, why it’s awesome!) to have a tight inner circle of truly aligned friends, rather than a vast network.

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