452: My Biggest Struggle Right Now, Crypto, Nick’s New Music, Why We Sold Our Home, Current Fave Health Hacks & More | Nick & Melissa

Welcome to another epic ‘couples pod’! This time, Nick is joining me behind the mic for a juicy life update.

We love pulling back the curtains like this, so that we can share what’s been going on behind the scenes, chat about all the new stuff we’ve been testing out in our daily routines, and also dig into the stuff we’ve been reevaluating or even struggling with.

Tune in to hear about Nick’s exciting new music project ENOBE, how his creative process has evolved, what’s next for us in crypto, the health hack giving us major results (seriously, this one tip alone is a game-changer!), the recipe we’re obsessed with right now, and a slew of outstanding books and podcasts that have rocked our world recently.

And because life is always a mix of yin and yang (and because transparency is one of our core values), we’re also discussing my inner debate about whether to share our daughter on social media, the limiting thoughts that have been popping up for us, and some exciting news about our home… that led to Nick feeling financially stretched.

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