451: Best Ever Relationship Advice, The Truth About Cheating, How To Save Your Marriage with The Couple’s Whisperer | Bruce Muzik

Why is it that the person we love the most can also trigger us the most?! Why is it so easy for relationships to get derailed by petty arguments and bickering? And how can we get back on the same page as our partner, so that we can experience more of that divine, aligned, heart-bursting love and happiness we all dream of?

To answer these questions, I’m joined by Bruce Muzik — a.k.a. the ‘Couples Whisperer’, a world renowned coach who’s built a reputation as being the guy that marriage therapists refer their toughest clients to.

Tune in to discover his genius “broken toes” concept (and how Nick and I have used it in our own marriage), the real reason why relationships fall apart, what you should do BEFORE you communicate with your partner, how to get your partner to open up (even if they tend to shut down and withdraw), his personal experience with cheating, a beautiful technique to avoid misunderstandings and silly arguments, how your childhood can be secretly impacting your adult relationships, and the #1 mindset shift that virtually *guarantees* more connection and growth in your relationship.

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