450: Family Constellation Therapy, Releasing Emotional Baggage & Healing Family Wounds with Sex Love Goop’s Kato Wittich

“It didn’t start with me.” That’s the groundbreaking premise behind ‘Family Constellations’. This revolutionary type of therapy is based on the belief that we all unconsciously inherit family patterns that may have been needed for the survival of our family in the past, but that now block us from living the fullest and richest lives that we can. 

To explain the life-altering magic of this therapy — and to guide us through some powerful at-home exercises — I’m joined by Katarina (‘Kato’) Wittich, a certified Constellations and Rosen practitioner.

I first encountered Kato’s work on Goop’s Netflix series, and became instantly obsessed. Here, finally, was a way to heal ancestral wounds and release the baggage that so many of us carry around on our backs (often without even realising). I knew I needed to get Kato on the show, and our conversation was every bit as eye-opening and transformative as I’d hoped.

Tune in to discover how trauma can be passed on through generations, why our emotional and physical health is intrinsically tied to those who came before us, why your lineage does NOT need to hold you hostage to hidden trauma, how somatic work can supercharge the healing of emotional wounds, the daily neurological practices that will rewire your nervous system for peace and healing, and why your relatives don’t need to be present for you to transform your family’s legacy.

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