449: Dr. Zach Bush On The Profound Truth Of Who You Are, Cellular Spirituality, Supercharging Your Body, Mind & Soul, & The Root Cause Of All Disease

Words can’t quite do this episode justice. You just need to experience the potency and profundity of Dr. Zach Bush MD for yourself — his voice in your earbuds, his wisdom flooding your consciousness, his insights landing with such clarity, it’s as if you’ve just taken off a pair of scratched-up glasses and can finally see the world clearly for the first time.

I honestly didn’t think it was possible to top his last appearance on the show, but somehow, he did. This is, quite simply, one of the most memorable conversations I’ve ever had — not just on this podcast, but in my entire life.

In this episode, with thoughtfulness, curiosity and compelling science, Dr. Bush dives deep into the health of humanity, why we need to flood our lives with as much light as possible, and the inherent healing power of this planet we call home. 

Tune in to discover the profound realisation that’s transformed his spiritual outlook, why the food chain we rely on for nourishment is fundamentally broken, the health blocks that stop so many people from achieving true wellbeing, how to create an inner terrain that allows your microbiome to thrive, the possibilities for a new humanity post-pandemic, the scary truth about soil degradation (and what we can do about it), why your cells are the surprising bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds, and why the answers to our modern lifestyle problems are found in a radical return to nature, beauty, and sustainability.

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