446: {Part 1} How To Call In More Friends, How To Be A Better Friend | Sally Jane Douglas & Tamsyn Neill

How do you make new friends as an adult? 

How do you create rewarding, fulfilling, aligned friendships — either with friends you already have, or with new like-minded people?

What’s the best way to navigate the complexities of friendship — including disagreements, feeling left out, misalignment of values, and being at different life stages?

To answer these questions, I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m bringing two of my real life soul sisters onto the show to share the real life strategies we use to nourish, nurture, maintain and grow our friendship. (What better way to share my own approach to friendships than to share our actual real life friendship with you?!)

Sally Jane Douglas and Tamsyn Neill are the two dear soulies joining me for this juicy, intimate, and deeply personal two-part conversation — which also packs a hefty punch of practical tips and inspiration. 

Tune in to Part One to hear the incredible story of how we met, how we knew we’d be a great fit for each other, how we navigate any differences or difficulties that may arise in our relationship, what we do when someone feels left out, how CCC (Crystal Clear Communication) is the secret weapon that allows our friendship to thrive, how marriage and babies have impacted our connection (and how we handle being at different life stages from each other), the power of asking the right questions, mastering the art of showing up for your friends, and so much more.

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