436: Plant Medicine For COVID-19, Vaccine Injury, Boosting Your Health Before & After The Vax & More | Donnie Yance

You asked, and here it is — a deep-dive episode on COVID-19, vaccines, immunity, and more.

To assist us in this deep-dive, we’re joined by Donnie Yance, an internationally known master herbalist and nutritionist who’s been writing on the topic of COVID-19 since the pandemic began. 

Donnie has answers for all those burning questions that have been running through our collective heads for more than a year now, like what natural protocols should we be using to boost our body’s innate virus-fighting capacity? What does the science REALLY say about natural immunity vs. vaccine immunity? Are new vaccine options like Novavax really any better than the current ones? And why are government’s overlooking the natural, safe, plant-derived tools that could help us ease symptoms, enhance health, and build bulletproof immunity?

This conversation is deep, insightful and stacked with practical strategies that you’ll want to put into action for your family TODAY. Buckle up, because this is an episode for the ages…

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