435: The Buddhist Mantra That Could Change Your Life | Greg Martin & Jihii Jolly

Now more than ever, we’re seeking answers. We’re hungry for truth. Our souls and spirits are craving more — more meaning, more connection, more awakening…

So in this podcast, we’re doing something radical: we’re rewinding the clock. 

Because today’s guests, Gregory Martin and Jihii Jolly, have a powerful message. They say that the knowledge, answers and peace we seek — along with real solutions to real-life problems — can be found not by turning to the newest tech or the latest trendy healing modality… but by tapping into 3,000 years of Buddhist wisdom.

If you’ve been aching for a divinely simple way to steer your life towards what REALLY matters and uncover the REAL you, then you’re going to love this hugely inspiring episode about finding miracles, inner peace, and full-blown transformation in the most unexpected of places.

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