433: Manifesting Your Soulmate, Favorite Body Parts, When To Leave A Relationship, Breakup Advice, Biggest Lessons of 2021 | Melissa & Nick

Prepare yourself for truthbombs and ‘aha’ moments galore — Q&A is back! Once again, Nick and I are joining forces behind the mic — this time, to discuss all things RELATIONSHIPS and SELF LOVE. If you’ve listened to any of our Q&A sessions before, you’ll know that we deliver maximum truth, depth and transparency in all our conversations, and this episode is no exception.

Today we are revealing the game-changing techniques we’ve used to strengthen and nurture our relationship, the life lessons we’ve learned during the periods that have challenged and stretched us, as well as answering all the juicy, deep-dive questions that listeners submitted about everything from sex, to self-love, to soul mates.

Press play to hear the habits we swear by for a rock-solid relationship, how we reconnected physically after the birth of Baby B, a spookily accurate method to determine if your partner is your soulmate or not, what to do if you find yourself in a toxic relationship, how to unlock your inner erotic self, the secret ‘codes’ we use to communicate with each other, and the red flags to look out for that will tell you if your relationship is worth fighting for… or if it might be time to face the music.

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