428: The Simple At-Home Gene Test To Customize Your Supplements, Prevent Disease & Slow Aging | Kashif Khan

You don’t get to choose your DNA. But you CAN choose to live your life in a way that’s best for your unique genetic makeup. In this episode, I’m chatting with Kashif Khan about the tremendous amount of valuable information that can be gleaned from our DNA, along with how these insights can be used to create a kind of “personalised instruction manual” to optimise every aspect of your life — from your health, to your personality and more. Press play to discover why biohackers are frothing about the new at-home testing kits, learn how being informed about your genes can help you radically transform your health, and hear how your genes can even help you find the right career path. (If you’re not loving your work right now, these insights will rock your world!)

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