423: What We Eat In A Day, Our Food Philosophy & Our Morning & Night Routines | Melissa & Nick

Are you obsessed with the daily routines people use to set themselves up for health, happiness and success? Then you’re going to absolutely flip for this episode. Nick and I are going deep into the details of the daily routines we’ve consciously tried, tested and refined in order to radically improve our performance, productivity, joy, play, rest, presence and more. You’ll also hear how having a baby has changed the framework of our days, and how we’ve adapted our daily rhythms in order to spend as much quality time with our little one as possible. Tune in to discover the genius way we structure our work time (which allows us to get more done in a few hours than most people do in a day), the workout routines that are giving Nick major results right now, the green juice recipe that’s given me the glowiest skin of my life, and the exact nutritional combos we eat at specific times of the day for optimum health and energy.

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