420: The Life-Changing Secrets Of Baby Sleep Whisperer | Dr Golly

The sleep deprivation that can accompany a new baby can be rough, to say the least. It can also be REALLY confusing to know how to help your baby sleep better — especially if you prefer a gentle, responsive approach. So what’s a tired mama or papa to do?! Today’s podcast guest, Dr Daniel Golshevsky (a.k.a. Dr Golly), has the answer. Specialising in unsettled babies and poor sleep, Dr Golly helps parents maximise their understanding of their baby's cues, tune into (and trust) their parental instincts, and bring everyone closer to a full night's sleep. Press play to discover how to crack the code of supportive, sustained baby sleep; how to understand the secret language of babies, how to plan the ideal postpartum recovery period, and the genius techniques that can completely eliminate witching hour FOREVER!

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