405: The Device That Improves Your Sleep, Emotions, Stress, Focus, Relaxation | Scott Donnell

There are a lot of wearables on the market right now, but there aren’t many that actually do what they say they do — and even fewer that have the power to radically improve your day to day life. The Hapbee, however, is the real deal. In this episode, I’m joined by Scott Donnell (founder of Hapbee Technologies) to discuss how this revolutionary wearable device can help users biohack their way to supreme focus, heart-bursting happiness, and the deepest night’s sleep ever. Tune in to learn how the Hapbee can mimic the effects of molecules like caffeine, mushrooms, plant medicine, and even whiskey (!), how aligning your mental state with your goals can help you achieve more than you ever have before, and how this powerful tool can help you shrug off stress, overcome trauma, and get into a flow state at the click of a button.

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