Medication, Fitness, Nutrition: Senior Health with Amy K. Wilson, BCGP | The Matt Feret Show Podcast | #053

Hey listeners! In this episode, I chat with Amy K. Wilson about medication management, nutrition, and the lifestyle changes that reverse aging to keep seniors healthy and independent. Amy K. Wilson is a geriatric pharmacist, nutrition coach, and fitness professional. We discuss how to stay proactive when navigating a medication routine, and she reveals the true impact our lifestyle choices have on the aging process and our overall health. Amy stresses the importance of whole foods and fitness and describes how a personalized lifestyle plan can improve functioning. It’s never too late to take control of our health; join us as we discuss how to begin that process! Watch the full episode on YouTube.

1:08 - Introduction

3:43 - Navigating medication as we age

9:28 - Lifestyle and aging

22:12 - Nutrition and aging

30:52 - Combining medication and nutrition

33:18 - What is reverse aging?

37:47 - How to help loved ones navigate lifestyle changes

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