Understanding Anger with Bronwyn Schweigerdt, LFMT | The Matt Feret Show Podcast | #052

Hey everyone! In this episode of The Matt Feret Show, I interview Bronwyn Schweigerdt, a licensed psychotherapist and anger expert. Bronwyn has over a decade of experience helping individuals with mental health struggles develop a healthier relationship with anger. We discuss the role of anger in relationships, the impact of suppressed anger on mental health, and the importance of reframing anger more positively. We also share personal anecdotes about how anger has impacted our lives personally. Watch the full episode on YouTube.

1:09 - Introduction

5:15 - Anger and Childhood

8:58 - Anger and Adulthood

17:23 - Addressing anger at parents

21:01 - Navigating anger in a marriage

24:22 - Recognizing and accepting anger

Bronwyn Schweigerdt can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Psychology Today.

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