Caregiver Burnout: Prioritizing Self-Care with Iris Waichler, LCSW, MSW | The Matt Feret Show Podcast | #051

Hello and welcome back! In this episode, I chat with licensed clinical social worker Iris Waichler. Iris has forty years of experience helping patients and their families navigate the nuance of caregiving and how to address burnout with self-care. She emphasizes the importance of having conversations with loved ones about their wishes and preferences for care, as well as the need for caregivers to take care of themselves and seek support. Iris also provides advice for supporting a spouse or parent who is a caregiver, as well as tips for long-distance caregiving. She highlights the importance of incorporating moments of joy and finding support from healthcare professionals and community resources.

1:09 - Introduction

6:01 - Grief and Social Work

14:33 - Caregiving Conversations

21:16 - Caregiver Planning

28:15 - Mental Health and Caregiver Burnout

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