Your Guide to Mastering Medicare with eHealth's Andy Gossett | The Matt Feret Show Podcast | #046

Today on The Matt Feret Show, we have Andy Gossett, an experienced eHealth expert in Medicare for over 10 years. 

Andy began as a licensed agent and worked his way up to Sales Excellence Manager.

He has a lot of knowledge and understands the consumer journey in healthcare insurance. 

eHealth is great at finding people the right healthcare coverage that fits their needs and budget. 

Andy and I discuss challenges in the Medicare process to help you make informed healthcare choices.

  • 00:00 — 04:21: Andy's Journey: From Sales to Medicare Expertise.
  • 04:22 — 15:19: eHealth's Role in Simplifying Health Insurance Choices.
  • 15:20 — 19:45: Decoding Medicare: Tips for the Annual Enrollment Period.
  • 19:46 — 25:59: Factors to Consider for Optimal Medicare Plan Selection.
  • 26:00 — 32:59: The Personal Touch in Healthcare: eHealth's Customer-Centric Approach.
  • 33:00 — 44:00: Andy's Insights: Empowering Consumers in Healthcare Decisions.

Key Takeaways
  • #1 Medicare Mastery: Unraveling the complexities of Medicare with expert guidance.
  • #2 Consumer-Centric Approach: How eHealth prioritizes individual needs and preferences in healthcare plan selection.
  • #3 Empowerment through Knowledge: Gaining the tools and understanding to confidently navigate Medicare's Annual Enrollment Period.

Memorable Quotes
  • "We see our beneficiaries as human beings. That they have real lives, they've done real things... And we believe that they should be treated with respect and dignity at all times and in all parts of this process."
  • "We have an entire team that we dedicate because we don't want to just be your agency when you're signing up, we're your people.”
  • "We just really believe that our seniors should be treated with dignity and respect.”

Additional Resources
About the Guest

Andy Gossett, Manager in Sales Excellence at eHealth, has over a decade of experience in Medicare.

A graduate from Texas Bible College, Andy has a background in theology and a rich history in sales, giving him a unique perspective on customer needs.

His career at eHealth is driven by a commitment to ensuring customers receive healthcare coverage that aligns with their lifestyles and budget constraints.

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