Medicare Made Easy: Insider Tips from a Decade of AEPs with Olivia Richardson | The Matt Feret Show Podcast | #041

Join Matt Feret as he sits down with Olivia Richardson, the Vice President of Corporate Alliances at Senior Marketing Specialists, in this enlightening episode. With 11 AEPs under her belt, Olivia brings a wealth of experience and insights into the evolving world of Medicare. She’s not just an executive but a passionate trainer dedicated to empowering advisors to offer the best services to beneficiaries. Discover the changes, challenges, and opportunities in Medicare, and garner invaluable tips to navigate this essential landscape. Olivia’s dedication to making healthcare accessible to everyone makes this episode a must-watch!

"This is the annual election period or the AEP. And even sometimes Medicare messes up and calls it the OEP at the open enrollment period. It's not, but basically it's the time period between October 1 and then October 15 to December 7 where people can make changes to their Medicare coverage." - Matt Feret

"In the past, what you picked at 65 may not be what you need at 72. This year, what you picked at 65 may not be the same plan you needed at 66" - Olivia Richardson

Full episode transcript, notes, quotes and links:

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