From Stroke to Strength: How Jo Ann Glim Found Wellness and Wealth in Recovery | The Matt Feret Show Podcast | #043

Hey, friends! Strap in for a chat that's gonna warm your heart and bend your mind. I've just had a sit-down with the amazing Jo Ann Glim – a warrior, wordsmith, and wisdom-sharer, who's turned a stroke into a stride into strength.

🚀 On this journey, Jo Ann doesn't just talk the talk; she walks it, with a resilience that'll make you want to stand up and cheer. And me? I'm just here to share her tale, sprinkled with my own brand of storytelling.

✨ "Life becomes what you make of it." – Jo Ann Glim. And folks, Jo Ann's made it something spectacular.

🔑 Unpack the gems of her story:

1️⃣ Grasp the grit that fueled her comeback. It's real talk about real work, and it's more powerful than any pep talk.

2️⃣ Witness the strength drawn from a circle of love. She's got that support squad magic, and it's a game-changer.

3️⃣ Hear how belly laughs and bulldog tenacity mixed into her recovery cocktail. It's a recipe for healing that you won't find anywhere else.

💬 Quotes that stick with you:

"You have to look at this as though you're an Olympian. You have to train, you have to do everything they say, and not do it just the five times or ten times they tell you, do it 20 times, do it after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner."

"Surround yourself with love, and a lot of good things will happen."

📺📖 Timestamps & Tales:

00:00 - 01:15 | A dash of laughter with Jo Ann and your truly, Matt.

01:16 - 07:54 | Jo Ann's heart-gripping account of her stroke and its immediate aftermath.

07:55 - 14:40 | The nitty-gritty of her day-to-day battles and triumphs post-stroke.

14:41 - 17:15 | The wonders of the brain's healing powers – it's neuroplasticity at its finest.

17:16 - 21:40 | The might and light of having folks in your corner – the unsung heroes of recovery.

21:41 - 27:50 | The chuckles and chortles that saw her through the toughest times.

27:51 - 37:40 | And the book? Oh, it's a journey in itself. Jo Ann shares the scoop on how her words are weaving wellness and wisdom for all of us.

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We're all crafting our life's story, one day at a time. And Jo Ann? She's writing a bestseller with hers. Don't miss out on her chapters of courage and cheer.

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Stay tuned, stay inspired, and remember, life's what you make it – make it magnificent!

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