#021: In-Home Caregiving for Veterans and Their Spouses, Aid and Attendance VA Benefits, VetAssist Companion and Smart Companion with David Laiderman, CEO of Veterans Home Care

David Laiderman is CEO of Veterans Home Care, a private, family-owned and operated company that helps veterans, their survivors and caregivers support in-home care. He also created Smart Companion – an Amazon Alexa and Amazon Show - connected device that connects older adults with caregivers and a support structure to help keep loved ones in their homes safely.

Veteran’s Home Care VetAssist Program Aid and Attendance is a little-known VA benefit for veterans or their survivors who need the help of another to live safely at home. It pays for assistance with activities of daily living, such as help with personal care, medication reminders, transportation benefits, light housekeeping, laundry and more. Aid and Attendance can also pay for in-home care, adult daycare, assisted living expenses, medical alert devices and more.

This episode will give you an insider’s guide to in-home care for older adults, veterans, their surviving spouses and caregivers.

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“Our country hasn't planned for it. Our country doesn't understand it. We have this massive aging population coming. I'm sure you talk about it, but the reality is, 10 years from now, over 20% of our population is going to be over the age of 65. Another 20% of our population is going to be under the age of 18. So when we look at who's in the middle and respectively both of those groups of individuals need almost one on one care and maintenance and oversight and expense. And so it's going to put a big squeeze on our population, a mass attack on our health system. And so looking at that and looking at all of the things that are coming into play there, it's going to become increasingly more expensive to care for your loved one, to care for your parents as they age.”

- David Laiderman, CEO of Veterans Home Care


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