#020: All About Medicare Advantage with ATRIO Health Plans CEO Gregg Kimmer

My guest today is Gregg Kimmer, President and CEO of ATRIO Health Plans. Based in Oregon, ATRIO administers Medicare Advantage plans for customers in Oregon, Nevada, Tennessee and Louisiana.

This edition of The Matt Feret Show will give you an Insider’s Guide to Medicare Advantage, from the perspective of a Medicare Advantage plan president and CEO!

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“I really enjoy designing Medicare Advantage plans because I know down the road, someone else is going to benefit from this. And again, that person who's going to benefit from it is in the most deserving population in America, and that really gives me a lot of satisfaction. So there are hundreds and hundreds of benefits within a Medicare Advantage plan. The vast majority of them are what I call invisible benefits. The benefits a person may never use, the benefits a person may not even know they have. I like to focus on six core benefits to make a Medicare Advantage plan really stand out and again, benefit the consumer or the member. That's what this is all about.”

- Gregg Kimmer, President and CEO of ATRIO Health Plans


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