#019: The Non-financial Aspects of Planned (And Unplanned) Retirement with Nancy Schwartz

Nancy Schwartz is the Founder of Envision Healthy Retirement. A former executive at Korn Ferry, Nancy is also a successful entrepreneur and has worked across a variety of industries in markets ranging from global multinationals to early-stage private equity and venture capital.

This edition of The Matt Feret Show will give you an insider’s guide to how to plan the non-financial aspects of retirement so often overlooked. Nancy helps people with the, "I'm retired, now, what?"

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“Thinking that your corporate buddies will have the time to play with you? They don't. They're running companies. Maybe they could see you Sunday afternoon for two minutes and play around to golf, but that's it. They can't go traveling with you and whatever. It's a shock because people will say, "I thought my buddies were my buddies. Well, what happened?" Well, you're out, they're in.”

- Nancy Schwartz, Founder of Envision Healthy Retirement

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