Wives, Mothers & Exhaustion

Today we’re talking wives, mothers, and exhaustion. I have sensuality and confidence coach to women, Leslie Porter, here to give us women tips on how to have more joy, space and pleasure in our lives amongst the mundane, day-to-day, wife and motherly activities we cherish - but that can be exhausting.

Leslie believes by harnessing the power of sensuality and creativity, women are more in tune with themselves and everyone around them. So, her passion is helping women embrace their sensual and creative sides, helping women get comfortable in their own skin, women who want to be confident in their beauty and their power no matter their age or weight.

Come listen and learn how to have more energy at the end of the day, how to create more time for yourself so you feel fulfilled, whole, energized and happy. We talk directly to women with full-time careers on vulnerability, control, and bringing more pleasure into your life. We also talk sexuality, passion, how to enjoy sexuality more, and what to do if you’re body-conscious. Come listen and learn from this smart woman!

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