Managing Tectonic Technological Change

The Most Important Thing

The way we really grow and transcend, become better, people, companies, etc. We have to chase that discomfort, that’s how we get to the next level. 

About Guest

Eric Pilon-Bignell is a pragmatic futurist and the best-selling author of “Surfing Rogue Waves”, a book that discusses the constant anomaly of change and how humanity is pushed to navigate through this exponential pace of disruption.

About “Surfing Rogue Waves”

“Surfing Rogue Waves” presented the idea of Disruption as a means of moving forward in the future rather than being overtaken by the “Waves”. In this book, Eric shares how we could shape our life and the future of humanity with our decisions amidst change.

Episode Overview

In this episode, Eric and I discuss the future and the fear it brings for most humans. We touch on certain emerging world conflicts and how we can engage with change at such a massive scale. We exchanged views of the world, happiness, and how we think it will progress after the changes that the pandemic brought.

My Favorite Quotes:

“We can't put a pin on any one of these because these waves are coming all over, but that kind of equal excitement and fear. I feel that’s where I’m at, I’m so excited about this, there's gonna be so many incredible things.”

“My ego was “how do I always do more, how do I increase my peak performance?”

“I'm getting my ass kicked on small waves. Right. But, but I'm in the zone. Like I'm locked in, I'm paddling, I'm focused, everything changes. I'm like, I'm intense and it's this really cool mix which we have in life.”

“Happiness is how hard it is for you to achieve what you want to get."

Episode Breakdown:

04:03 - Writing the book during Covid-19 Lockdown

05:37 - Eric looking back through his journey, life aspirations, and changes

07:35 - Perspective of the future, curiosity and what it could bring

14:30 - “A lot of our old fears are almost like, I guess the buzz word, like fake fears now.” The definition of fear in a modern age, violence, famine, etc

20:30 - The inequality of wealth and its history in relation to happiness

27:40 - South Korea, plastic surgery and the scale of happiness

32:25 - The Fourth Industrial Revolution and technological transformation, to do or to die

44:38 - What is happiness to Eric?

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Surfing Rogue Waves by Eric Pilon Bignell

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