Holy Sh!t We're Alive with Douglas Cartwright Founder of The Daily Shift and Author

The Most Important Thing

How does one break away from their Mormon roots, become a millionaire, and lose it all at a very young age just to pick it right back again. Doug talks to us about his journey of reinventions and how changing his perspective in life has brought back positivity in his life.

About the Guest

Doug Cartwright is the Founder and CEO of The Daily Shifts, an online platform committed to lifelong transformation of the mind, body, and soul. Drawing from his personal experience of introspection and healing, The Daily Shifts is now an app, a master class, and blog that challenges you to be the best version of yourself.

His new book “Holy Sh!t We’re Alive?” taps into his life story. A psychedelic journey into meditation, silent retreats, astrophysics, neuroscience, philosophy, and all forms of self-healing.

About “Holy Sh!t We’re Alive?

“Holy Sh!t We’re Alive?” is the story of a psychedelic-sparked spiritual journey of an ex-Mormon millionaire. In this book, Doug broke down his journey into meditation, silent retreats, philosophy and all forms of self-healing.

Through this journey, he learnt his mistakes, built a new reality and found the purpose of life by shifting his perspective, outlook and beliefs. In Holy Sh!t, We’re Alive, Doug shows you how to live with intention, trust yourself, and show up every day for a meaningful life. You’ll learn mind-blowing facts and important clues to understand your existence and unique contributions. Self-love can be your superpower.

Episode Overview

In this episode, we got to speak to Doug Cartwright about his book “Holy Sh!t We’re Alive?” and how his business, The Daily Shift, came to be. Doug deconstructs his two year journey into discovering spirituality, faith and the universe around him and how that changed his perspective in life.

We also got to dive deeper into the chapters of his book to get a bigger picture of how and why it was written as is. Doug also took a few moments to highlight the importance of self love, finding faith and letting go.

My Favorite Quotes

“A major lesson I learned through it was the beauty of learning to trust my intuition..”

“When we zoom out and just kind of realize that just being alive is the ultimate gift. It really takes the pressure off of our daily routine activities.”

“If you look across the whole universe, there's nothing even remotely close to earth, but all the spots are a little tiny speck. We got dropped down here and it was like this really wow moment. 

“It's easier to be told by others what to think and to think for yourself. And it requires, you know, it, to be so vulnerable and kind of wipe your slate clean on. What's true and what's not true. Then rebuild it yourself.”

“I'm truly committed to the higher path, to the spiritual path, to truly evolving my soul, to becoming the best version of myself.”

“As long as I continue to put my best effort into the world, the universe will take care of me.”

“Intuition is a tricky concept that you can’t measure. It’s this weird feeling, almost like a deep knowing feeling. But when you realize it and it opens up to you, you know you’re doing the right thing.”

Episode Breakdown

05:28 - Trusting one’s intuition

08:40 - Doug thinking back at his previous job and the stress that follows

10:20 - Doug’s experience during the Ayahuasca ceremony

13:44 - Views of life and how every experience is an opportunity

17:45 - Turning a traumatic experience into a life-changing lesson

23:11 - Envy, jealousy and desires in a relationship

31:17 - To love yourself is to remove pieces that doesn’t fit anymore

37:00 - Doug’s view on philosophy and why he decided to write his book

41:25 - Managing expectations through gratitude

43:16 - How is success and happiness measured? Doug explained

47:14 - Growing up Mormon and leaving the religion

54:00 - Finding instant connection within a community

58:28 - Doug’s take on being committed to a higher path through spirituality

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References made in the episode

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Michael Singer

Carl Jung - “beware of unearned wisdom”

Alan Watts - “Purpose of life”

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