Empowering Labor in the Metaverse with Gabby Dizon founder of Yield Guild Games

The Most Important Thing

The Open Metaverse is paving the way for labor equality by tearing down borders between different worlds. The future of work in the Open Metaverse will be full of opportunities for those in economically challenged nations. When Labor is as liquid as capital, more value will be captured by workers than investors.

About Guest

Being in the gaming industry for 18 years, Gabby Dizon is one of the first movers in the industry and one of the earliest members of the blockchain game developer community. Started in 2014, Gabby co-founder Altitude Games, a mobile and blockchain game developer that is based in Manila, Philippines. Today, they have developed and published games such as Battle Racers on Decentraland and Mushroom Mandia on Sandbox that is coming soon.

Last year, he co-founded Yield Guild Games, a play-to-earn gaming guild that invests in NFT assets and aggregates players across the Metaverse. Gabby is a founding board member of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

About Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a decentralized gaming guild of players and investors who generate yield from NFT-based blockchain games and virtual worlds. It is the largest guild within Axie Infinity and has assets in games such as The Sandbox, F1® Delta Time , Axie Infinity , and possibly others in future too. Yield Guild allows players to contribute their time and effort in virtual worlds to earn an income from these games, while the guild accumulates the best yield-bearing assets in the Metaverse.

Episode Overview

In this episode, Marc and Gabby touched on the future of the Metaverse and how blockchain technology is slowly closing the gap between the world around us with new infrastructure and technological revolutions such as Cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). They also spoke about Gabby's company, Yield Guild Games, and how that opportunity is changing the Gig Economy in the Philippines and globally.

My Favorite Quotes

"This [Blockchain] is the most exciting thing I've seen in my entire career.".

"A blockchain or non fungible tokens means that I own these items forever. I can trade them any time I can sell them, I can build things on top of them and this is a really new and exciting concept that I think people are only trying to re-understand how to take advantage of."

“Blockchain games or virtual worlds that have crypto based economies you can earn through contributing your time and your skill to earn money."

"You're starting a new country and then there's so much to build and so much to do. You just got to go out there and apply whatever skill you have to help build this new world and it creates an equal playing field in the metaverse perhaps more so than it is kind of in our physical reality."

"[In the Philippines] Everyone is in the hospitality industry, a lot of people were laid off and a lot of these people found Axie infinity and the remarkable thing was, these people weren't crypto users. They're people who were really desperate. They knew how to play games and they were onboarded to the crypto [game] because they wanted to play these games to basically save their families."

"I guess the biggest frustration of me being a technology entrepreneur in the Philippines is that the business environment and the investing environment here didn't understand what I wanted to do. I wanted to build intellectual property."

Episode Breakdown

05:20 - Gabby's views of the Open Metaverse 

07:00 - Why are NFT important?

14:50 - Gabby’s journey as a tech entrepreneur

20:25 - The current state of the Metaverse

22:00 - Explaining Yield Guild Games and the people behind it

33:30 - Gabby’s vision on the future of the Metaverse

42:57 - Will our lives be coupled into the Metaverse

47:00 - Growing up in the Philippines

53:00 - Outro Plugs

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