Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-02: Excuse Me – Part 2

The investigation into a series of cold cases continues...

Agent Gray has disappeared and the devastated yet dedicated Agent Caulfield pursues her case at great cost. Is the situation truly hopeless, or will Caulfield’s zeal lead him to some much-needed answers.


Written by Kaitlin Statz

Produced, Edited, with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff

Mixing and Mastering by Brandon Strader


Caulfield :: Karim Kronfli

Gray :: Nichole Fernandez

Enforcer Shinko, Petrus Claerhaut :: Peter Lewis

Aurellia Stolo, Concordia, & Reporter 1 :: Kaitlin Statz

Marius :: Joseph Teagle

Julia Farrow :: Christy Luse

Olcinia :: Katie Otten

Agent Freeman :: Daniel Demerin

Agent Parsons :: Russel Gold

Reporter 2 :: Paul Mella

Reporter 3 :: Cat Blackard

Morgans :: Russ D. More

Elevator :: Zoe von Embler

McKenny :: Caitlin Buckley

Enforcer Nbao :: Rebecca Thomas

CDF 2 :: Adam Cartwright

Robin :: Abbey Kindler

Mallory :: Jeanne Corcoran

“Tales from the Tower Theme” – Arranged and Performed by Brandon Boone

“Deception Unveiled” – Written and Performed by Steven Melin

“Blackout” – Written by Adam Cartwright with additions by Steven Melin

“Losing Hope” – Written and Performed by Brandon Strader

“Final Encounter” – Written and performed by Travis Vengroff

Tales from the Tower art by Cat Blackard

Special Thanks to:

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Sound Effects: (attribution licensees)

“bip.wav” edited, originalled recorded by Slanesh https://www.freesound.org/people/Slanesh/sounds/31780/

“Subway1.wav” edited, originally recorded by Trautwein

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