Tales from the Tower :: Entry 002: Missing

As seasonal celebrations approach, a family realizes that perhaps their small world is not as peaceful as they originally thought. When a young child disappears the day before a joyous holiday, his friends become concerned and one young citizen takes it upon herself to search for the Missing. Sometimes… the smallest voices are the ones missed first.


Written by Kaitlin Statz

Produced, Edited, with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff

“Tales From the Tower” Theme, Performed by Brandon Strader

Tales From the Tower S1 art by Éanna Ó’Neill

Mixing and Mastering by Brandon Strader


Cassia :: Victoria Rowett

Cassia’s Mother :: Michelle Frank Merksamer

Mrs. Gibbard :: Chris Frank

Atticus :: Kristien Fernandez

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Sound Effects: (attribution licenses)

“laboratory – loop.wav” originally recorded by sound-master: https://www.freesound.org/people/sound-master/sounds/57329/

“LIGHTBULB SMASH 004.wav” originally recorded by sandyrb: https://www.freesound.org/people/sandyrb/sounds/148072/

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