How to Make an Audio Drama Podcast

In this very special episode, we’re going behind the scenes on how to make an audio drama podcast!
Have you ever wondered what goes into creating your favorite audio drama series like Liberty: Critical Research, Night Vale, Tanis, or even our RPG series Dark Dice? Maybe you’ve even wondered what it would take to make your own? Join Fool and Scholar Productions as we take you through the creative process!
In this special episode we cover everything from idea to upload including: recording, acting, creating sound effects and promoting your creation.

1:52 – Why Audio Drama?

5:32 – Who are we?

6:40 – Writing to Your Strengths

10:05 – Writing an Audio Drama

15:30 – Casting Voices and More About Writing

26:45 – Gear That’s Helpful

30:47 – Recording Your Actors

37:27 – Voice Acting Interview with Paul Mella (Dr. Kovski)

49:24 – Sound Effects and Ambience

55:36 – Editing

56:50 – Mixing/Mastering Interview with Brandon Strader (Sound Engineer)

1:08:32 – Uploading & Consistency

01:11:24 – Promotion

01:16:02 – Most Importantly…

01:17:38 – Q/A

01:23:13 – Podcast Recommendations

Resources: – (Free Sound Effects)

Sonniss (Sound Effects that Cost Money)

Kevin Macleod (Free Music)

Audio Drama HUB Group (formerly the Audio Drama Production Podcast)(Advice, Friendship)

Podtrac (Track Your Growth)

Podcasts to check out:

Limetown (Season 1) (horror)

The Black Tapes (horror)

Small Town Horror (horror)

Psuedopod (horror)

The NoSleep Podcast (horror)

Edict Zero (sci-fi)

SAYER (sci-fi)

Wooden Overcoats (comedy)

The Orphans (sci-fi)

Gear we use:

Focusright Scarlette 2i2 (interface from the microphone to your USB)

Acoustica Mixcraft (DAW)

Røde Microphone Kit

Sony H4N Zoom (handheld)

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