Critical Research :: Entry 202: Kon Beginnings

Dr. Kovski finds himself in the position of personal biographer for the Punk boss, Dismas.
During their first full night in the Hot, Kovski watches over a trade with the Kon while Sev's new job leads him to discover a mass-produced problem. All the while the wheels start turning for Dismas' larger plan.

Written by Kaitlin Statz
Produced, Edited, with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff
“Critical Research Theme” written by Travis Vengroff, arranged and produced by Steven Melin
Mixing and Mastering by Brandon Strader

Dr. Martollow Kovski :: Paul Mella
Officer Decima Jalloh :: Lauren Griffin
Officer Severous Ljqvist :: Travis Vengroff
Dismas :: Sean Francis
Boom :: Christy Luse
Skit :: Caitlin Buckley
Sabina :: David Ault
Tow Lee :: Cat Blackard
Meger :: Steve Schneider
Pent :: Edward Champion
Kon 1 :: Kaitlin Statz
Belt, Wobe :: Holly Golding
Howell :: Rob “boR” Pittsley
Pork :: Peter Lewis
Cairn :: Justina Madrigal
Poll :: Daniel Demerin
Additional Voices :: Dayn Leonardson

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Sound Effects: (attribution licensees)
“static sputtering noises 1.wav” edited, originally recorded by Jobro
“NYPD Police Scanner.mp3” edited, originally recorded by FlyinEye
“Fireplace.wav” originally recorded by inchadney:
“Slaughter house ambiance recording [BG].mp3” edited, originally recorded by Audionautics
“bip.wav” edited, originalled recorded by Slanesh
“Wheely Chair.wav” originally recorded by Jeanet_Henning:
“object falls (5).wav” originally recorded by FreqMan:
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