Ep 297: When to Quit Roles in the Business

Sean: I want to, so I listed down so many questions in my head, as you write. Sharing your story about how you started up you know, as a, I could resonate with you so much because when I started SEO-hacker, some 11 years ago, I was doing everything and so were you as the CEO and founder. And one of the main goals is to, as you said, take yourself out and work on the business rather than in the business.

And you start quitting jobs. Like I start quitting being the janitor. When I finally had enough revenue to hire people. Now, I wonder what were some of the things that you started quitting as your business grew? And I want to know, like which ones did you quit first and which ones did you quit last?

Dancho: I quit everything, now I'm just focused on growth. But when I started, I started quitting the execution because fulfillment is the easiest part. If you have a client, if you manage to sell it, if you clear out the expectations and also on the execution, you have clear procedures and steps that need to be followed.

And this is actually what helped me because I have a saying Sean, that entrepreneurs are a bit lazy people. They try to automate or standardize everything because it's a lot of effort to invent everything from scratch every time. So when you have clear procedures, you can just share the execution with someone else to help you.

The second thing that I quit as a job was project management because when you have 5, 6, 7 people that you need to manage, it's a full-time job. How are you going to focus on growing your business when you're focused on doing the execution again? Just from a management perspective.

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