Ep 299: How to Choose the Right Project Manager

Sean: And now I'm wondering, how do you find those right project managers that you mentioned earlier?

Because I'm sure you've found a lot of wrong ones. How did you get the right ones?

Dancho: Very hard. For me at the beginning, maybe that's juniority and then becoming really an expert in the field, but you do a lot of interviews and some tests and personality and stuff just to get the right guy, and at the end of the day, it's not the right guy.

And I give up, I give up on trying to find the right guy. Now my different strategy is to grab five people. I start working with them for three months, and then I see what they're made of. Because on your CV, you can put so fantastic stuff on all the magic that you've delivered. Then very well polished or on the interview because you know that you're being observed. You can start pretending, faking it even. So you cannot really evaluate whether someone is good or not.

So our whole logic is to take them, work three months with them. You've realized if someone is sitting next to you for three months, you can understand their character, their soul, their intentions because you cannot fake it for three months. It's a long period.

And what we were starting doing here in Bizbee is like, we grab - we actually take five, seven interns put them for three months and after three months we take one or two. And we know that that is the best from the best because you got 50 applications, you take five to seven people, you take one or two.

And we don't hire managers, we grow managers. So from the people, someone will grow or show some interest in marketing. We're moving them in marketing they'll show interesting sales. We're moving them to sales.

And it's really evolution rather than a quick fix. And it's much longer. It's much more expensive when you think about it, because I need a lot of time to grow people. But at the end of the day, I tried every other way. I tried hiring experts in their field and then they come with a big ego behind them. Like, you know what? I have 10 years of experience, I know how to do it. We're like, well, look at the market - the market needs this, it’s not whether what you want or you don't want, the market needs this. If you can fulfill it, perfect; if not, there's no point.

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