Lead with empathy. And normalise what women experience

Modibodi founder Kristy Chong is on a mission to normalise what 800 million women and girls experience internationally: periods, bladder leakage, incontinence.

The idea for period-proof undies came to her when she was on maternity leave after having her second child. She was training for a marathon; her period had not long returned, and she was experiencing some light bladder leakage.

“On one of those training runs I realised the options available to me and to many other women, were pretty uncomfortable, irritating and didn’t give me a lot of dignity,” Kristy tells host Shirley Chowdhary on the latest episode of The Leadership Lessons.

So she invented an entirely new product category: washable products to support any kind of leakage women experience. Now running a global business after years of investigating the tech and science behind how to make these undies and other garments work, she's reducing the waste associated with pads and tampons and transforming how we think about our standard bodily functions.

In this ep, she describes how she leads with empathy, how she's supporting her staff and how they're taking their products internationally to transform the lives of women and girls everywhere.

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