#244 - How to Choose the Right Lazy Genius Principle for You

In my book The Lazy Genius Way, I share 13 principles you can use to Lazy Genius any situation in your life. Sometimes you might need one principle, sometimes a few together, and sometimes you don’t know which to choose. When you’re faced with some sort of challenge whether it’s a system in your home, a relationship hangup, a time management problem, whatever it might be, even with 13 principles to choose from, sometimes that still seems like a lot. Hopefully, this episode will give you a tangible framework for how to choose the right Lazy Genius principle for you.

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Lazy Genius of the Week: Paula Kay MyersLove the soup podcast and need to share with you my LG gift idea. My 80-year-old dad and stepmom, like most 80-year-olds, don’t need or want anything. They actually act bratty when receiving a gift. But 2 years ago I had a brainstorm! I wrapped a case of 12 quart mason jars in Christmas paper and when they opened it I told them it was a soup of the month club. Perfect gift - consumable, practical, and something to look forward to. And I always delivered it with fresh bread. It also obligated me to a monthly visit with them. We were about 45 minutes apart at the time and they absolutely loved it. And began asking me in March when they had the option to renew. My husband and I have since moved 12 hours away so this year when I was visiting after Thanksgiving, I filled their deep freezer with bags of soup and wrapped up 2 cute soup bowls. Best gift I’ve ever given.

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