Trevor Dion Nicholas

If there was a huge asteroid hurtling toward Earth threatening to destroy life as we know it and you could see one more show before you die, what would it be? It can be anything you want - a show you’ve seen before, one that you wish you’d seen, or something you’ve made up entirely. What would be YOUR Last Show on Earth? This is the podcast in which we ask a special guest the big, BIG question that nobody ever needed or bothered to ask. 

Our guest this episode is Trevor Dion Nicholas

Originally from West Virginia in the United States, Trevor came to London in 2016 to play the Genie in the original West End production of Disney's Aladdin. He has since become a permanent UK resident and his skills as an actor, singer and voiceover artist are much in demand. He played George Washingtom in Hamilton for the last three years and is currently starring in Next to Normal at The Donmar Warehouse, whilst also recording voiceover roles in numerous TV shows and movies. He has been a judge on ITV show All Star Musicals and is the first guest on this podcast to earn a two-part episode!

We talked to Trevor for so long and in such great detail that we had to split the chat into two parts. This is the main episode but we have also released a very special bonus episode where he goes into great detail about his Last Show choice that you can listen to separately at your leisure.

NOTE: regular listeners will notice that this episode does NOT contain the debut of "War Horse Whistles"!


Trevor on All Star Musicals

Trevor talks to Lin Manuel Miranda

Trevor as the Genie

The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti


Popeye - I'm Mean

Next to Normal


Trevor's Spotify playlist :

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